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Thanks Barry,

I appreciate the encouragement.

I did measure my pickups… neck = 9.95K, bridge 9.5K, together 4.43K. This is interesting, but I’m not sure what it’s telling us. It looks to me like this is measuring my guitar pots?

I do understand (to an extent) about the different pickups. I play on modern humbuckers. My friend (who will share in the spoils here) uses a semi-hollow bodied telecaster, but also has a solid body with custom wound humbuckers. and we haven’t demoed on his rig yet. so… we still have a bit of experimenting to do before I fix the last solder on this circuit.

For my needs… I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’m just experimenting.

I didn’t intend for my comments to come across as a critique of the pcb or anything as such… I’m just making observations to assess that I’ve got the circuit right. I don’t have a lot of experience using effect pedals–much less building them. of the three I’ve got working, my favorite is the colortone OD. I may end up with two b/c I like the saturation of max gain but also the clean headroom. but I’m not disappointed the others.

I did get a switch on the BB board. (I have to say that I love the color of the pcb–b/c it’s easier for my poor eyes to read. the lines just seem to pop out a little easier for me.) and now the drive pot IS working. however, I don’t seem to get much volume out of it. maxing the volume and I’m just a little over unity. Is that normal for this pcb or is it worth looking at my IC? I have some subs I can use.

Yes, the pedal cleans up when I turn down my guitar volume, however, I have to turn it down pretty far (6) and I end up losing a lot of treble (which seems to happen with my guitar–not an artifact of the pedal or anything). I know a lot of players get a lot of mileage from manipulating the guitar vol pot, but that’s not a talent I’ve really developed. I do like the tone and gain structure of the pedal. I will definitely keep exploring it.