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You still need to fix your Main Board Out wire (yellow) by using the T pad. I put arrows pointing to the T Pads in my 1st photo post above.

The T Pad is located by the visual T on the board silkscreen. Depending on the Main Board it is not always simply on the top or bottom so you have to visually verify. T stands for Tip which is the Audio Path.

It will not work if you do not connect the Audio Path properly.


I also noticed resistors not seated properly and a lot of dull grey solder joints.

If it does not work after fixing the Yellow OUT wire I suggest watching my Soldering Tutorial.

You may have to carefully redo some solder joints. Be careful not to heat the transistors since you did not use sockets to protect them from the heat of the soldering iron.


Also helpful you can refer to our GUIDES PAGE which may help you more.

Anything Orange is a LINK. Click above.

I hope that helps.