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Big O

Finished the pedal.  Gutshot below.  The modifications include exchanging the 2N5088 transistors for 2N2222A’s with HFE’s of 238 to 284.  I also changed two caps (C6 to a 47uFand C7 to a 4.7nF) and volume pot from an A500K to a B500K.  The rest are stock American Fuzz Pro components.  The circuit is now quite similar to another one based off the Fuzzrite that has a name somewhat similar to my pedal.

Finished exterior.  I will change the knobs to pink when I make my next component purchase from one of the online vendors.

Also notice I socketed one of the substituted capacitors because in reading different message board threads on this type of fuzz, noise of this circuit can be affected by the capacitor and higher values apparently can fix this problem.  However, I didn’t need to change the value as there is not much noise except for the fuzziness and grainy texture on some of the settings.  The 2N222A’s in this cirucit sound fine to me – the way a Fuzzrite type pedal should sound.  There is no hiss, so there was no need to use the filter caps between the base and collector of the transistors (notice these position have sockets on the board just in case).  Overall, this is a more knarly and earthy version of the stock American Fuzz Pro pedal.  With a couple of sockets at C6 and C7 along with sockets for the transistors, one could easily make a convertible version of the American Fuzz Pro with a lot of room to experiment without having to do major modifications on the pedal.  Quite fun!