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Thank you so much for the response. Yet another wilkie1 post where I learn things.

The output can be much higher than unity and it is also a low impedance output.  So it can serve as a preamp.  Because it has 4 pots, it is probably not a good choice to mount inside of your bass but would be great as a pedal!

In your statement above, is the only reason you think it would be difficult as an on-board pre is the number of pots? I ask because I have active basses with 5 knobs. With the tone tweq I can actually stack the treble and mid into one hole…add a blend or volume fo the other pickup and I am still at 4 holes which is usually about standard for an active bass.

I am trying to understand what changing the pot values on the tone tweq would do as well. Can you point me to some good references that might help me understand the affect of the Ohm value in a circuit like this on the output frequency?