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Haha not just you James mate I’ve made many…..way too many

It was just a wee chance to mention it once you posted your picture it was obvious but usually never obvious at the time to the builder so you assisted with that clear image

That plus I’d noticed recently a lot of errors are answered in some of the guides and I know having given links to beginners on other forums they’re usually not read the giveaway being when the recipient asks me a question answered in the very PDF link I gave them

With the work we all put in I sometimes think if people read it thier building would be a lot easier, so it was just a gentle reminder to read it and not weep!

I recently built an expensive combo and managed to wire the DC jack in reverse + plug it in fortunately for me I never toasted it and that’s after God knows how many builds and I should say I’m glad to see you back always nice when people are in good health and back on the forum so I’m happy to hear it