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Don’t switch any wires until you’ve confirmed it’s incorrect

Definitely don’t scrap the project it get’s frustrating but you will get there! many 1000’s of people have built this circuit successfully

Anyway zooming into your pictures I can see that your solder joints on the jack sockets and what I can see of the 3PDT and Kill switch look dry it doesn’t look to me as if the solder has melted enough you need to be careful with switch lugs but hold your iron tip on them until the solder pools and flows it should only take around 3 seconds, what wattage is your soldering iron? is that lead free solder

We really need pictures of both the 3PDT and Kill switch looking directly down onto the top of them so we can try and trace your connections

From what I can see your IN jack is connected correctly and goes to the correct 3PDT lugs as do your IN ‘T’ from the pcb I can’t see your OUT ‘T’ and can just about follow your OUT connections on the 3PDT which also look correct the middle row doesn’t really matter at this point it being for the bi colour indicator LED which works

When you get faint signal it is almost always a dry solder joint / poor connection causing a high resistance to the flow of the signal but as you say your voltages are not that far off my main concern would be the collector of Q2 at 9.7v check what voltage you get both ends of R7