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If you have tremolo audio OUT at volume lug 2 and not beyond that would suggest a problem with the wiring from the pcb to the 3PDT incorrect wiring or dry solder joint or the kill switch is engaged

We would need a picture looking down on your 3PDT so that we can trace which lugs the pcb IN and OUT ‘T’ pads go to I can’t actually trace it in the photos we have

Volume Lug 2 is the circuit out which goes to the OUT jack tip via the 3PDT it is also very easy when the 3PDT is the wrong way up to wire your IN to your OUT the wrong way round ie wire your IN to the right and OUT to the left the quickest way to check is simply put your IN cable from your guitar into your OUT socket on the pedal and your OUT cable to amp into your IN socket if you get audio you’ve wired it the wrong way round on the 3PDT lugs, note in that scenario you would still get bypass