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My best guess is that you have the same wiring problem with both pedals but I cannot see the wiring job in the photo above clearly enough to be able to help. The wires are same color and running side by side. I cannot follow the wiring or check all common grounding.

We will need much better photos or a diagram to clearly show the wiring.

Foot switch Lug 2 (I) Looks like it is going to Shield instead of the Jack Tip but I cannot see it good enough to be sure.

Because it is likely the same error it would be easier to work on one pedal for now.

Also did you look at the GUIDES PAGE to trace the wiring yourself?

Does the pedal work in bypass mode?

Also check these guides from the GUIDES PAGE and make sure the wiring is correct and you have checked the entire circuit for proper continuity using your digital multi meter.