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We have a Guides Page which cover these type of questions with diagrams.

Here is the direct link to the Guides Page.

For a specific answer (although I do hope you check out our guides before building) foot switch orientation only matters in two of the four ways available to you. As for the two good ways it does not matter. Now go to page 5 of the Crash Course Guide which is found on the Guides Page. The two bad ways would just not make visible sense when looking at our guides as the solder lugs would be wrong.

Also note when you go to the Guides Page you will see a drawing diagram of how to wire the foot switch in its basic form as well although I would still read Page 5 of the Crash Course and probably the rest of it.

That should help tremendously and I also suggest the Beginners Guide also on the Guides Page.

Also the Soldering Tutorial video for GPCB boards on the Guides Page.

It can be accessed any time from our Home Page or the Forum Home Page for future reference.