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RTFM.  There is a diagram in the Build Doc that shows how to wire the TONMANN tone bypass.  There is also an instruction for wiring a Tone TwEQ in place of the stock tone stack.

If you want to string 6 diodes onto one side of a DPDT, you will need to solder three together facing one direction and stack the  2 ends onto the DPDT next to another three facing the other direction.  Obviously, the middle diode in each string is not touching the board.

When adding diodes in a string, you will increase the Forward Voltage, Fv, which will increase the signal level that the string passes.  Since 1N34A are germanium that pass a lower Fv than the 1N914, you may wish to use 6 on the 1N34A side and only 4 on the 1N914 side of the DPDT.  This will result in a closer signal level between the 2 positions of the switch.