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OK it’s difficult to see even when I zoom into the photo it looks like you have 2 red wires from the DC jack one to the main pcb +9v and the other to the 3PDT board +9v


If you have power going into the DC jack and not beyond then I’d reflow the solder joints on the DC jack I can’t see if any of the wires are touching I’m assuming not that’d be a dead short usually causing the wires to heat up so you’d definitely notice it! If you’re not getting power on the DC jack lugs make sure you’re using a centre negative adaptor and continuity check that ground is the centre pin on your DC jack


it does look like you have a lot of solder on the DC jack lugs so as I say reflow making sure you get a good flow and remove any excess solder sometimes even if it looks shiny on the outside with excess solder it can be dry on the inside making a bad connection

Continuity check from your DC jack lugs to the +9v pads making sure you have a good connection make sure its the lugs and pads you continuity check and not the ends of the wires same for your ground connection and conversely make sure nothings connecting that shouldn’t be