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Hi all: Thought I’d provide some feedback (no unintended) on my adventures with the switch. I tried Sasan’s mod first, flipping the wires along the vertical. Please see above. This makes sense because the switching pattern (in the middle position) is asymmetrical. That was my a-ha moment!

But sorry to say same effect, no sound in the middle position. I then rewired it as per Barry’s diagram above. Same story. It crossed my mind that an alternative arrangement might be to use an ordinary DPDT to give the option of choosing between normal and brite channels, but not both, but now I’m kind of determined to resolve this particular option (i.e. all options available).

I then redeployed my trusty Fluke DMM and lo and behold, the switching pattern for this particular one (MTS-2 from Tayda) appears to be different, as follows:

1                   4

2                   5

3                   6

Centre position (1 connects to 2, 5 to 6)

Switch up (2 connects to 3, 5 to 6)

Switch down (1 connects to 2, 4 to 5)

If anyone has the patience to help with us, it’ll be greatly appreciated. I’m afraid it has me beat; I can’t get two options to work but not three.

Best to all and many thanks in advance, Marc