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Great glad it’s working the transistor voltages don’t have to be exactly the same a few mV won’t make a massive difference


To check resistance on your potentiometer measure resistance between the two outer lugs 1 and 3 but remember they have a + or – 20% tolerance so may not be exactly 2K


You will get 0v between the middle and 1 outer lug the middle and other outer lug will give you a resistance reading, turn the potentiometer shaft the other way and they’ll be opposite


If you are getting 0v between the same lugs turned both ways then the potentiometer may be faulty


There is information on how they work in the beginners guide to effects pedal components


24K won’t make much difference to a 22K resistor for R4 that is why your transistor voltages are slightly different Q2 collector with more resistance giving you 1.70 instead of 2.3v if it sounds good just leave it