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Hello and thank you !

I followed your recommendations and I finally sound in “effect” mode.

It was the transmitter Q1 which was not welded well, now it is well connected to the mass and the pedal works (except the potentiometer WOOL which does not change absolutely the sound when I turn it even having redone the welds. ..).

By cons my R4 resistance is not a 22k but a 24k, its color code is:
red – yellow – black – red – brown.

I do not know if it changes a lot of things, you will probably know me.

I took the values ​​in Q1 and Q2, they still do not correspond to those of the diagram but it is a little better and it gives:

Q1 E = 0 / B = 0.6 / C = 1.34
Q2 E = 0.7 / B = 1.34 / C = 1.70

So I have a continuity between Q1C and Q2B and now between Q1E and GRND.

I have no continuity in the transistors so it’s ok and I have continuity between R3 and Q1C.

It remains for me to find why the WOOL potentiometer does not work.
I tested it at the Ohmeter (on the circuit) and I have two legs that remain at 0.00 Ohm when I turn the potentiometer …

I have another 2k lin potentiometer that dates from my previous test but when I test it it reacts exactly the same way (0.00 Ohm between the same two legs), according to you do I replace it or is it can it come from elsewhere?

And thank you !