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that’s it ! I have sound in Bypass!

I inverted TIP and RING on the jack IN!

Actually it seemed weird that the tip of my jack does not touch the tip where was connected the IN.

Awesome !

The LED and Bypass works, I still have no sound in “effect” mode, but I progress thanks to you!

So last step, we must find why I have no sound in “effect” mode …

I asked myself a question:

On the list of components, the R8 is 3k3 Ohm while on the diagram it is 1k8, I wondered if it was normal?

I’m going to redo Barry’s path of continuity tonight just in case!

And what do you think of the values ​​taken in Q1 and Q2 that I mentioned above, they are not the same as those prescribed in the diagram of the pedal, there must be a concern.

Thank you anyway ! We are going forward !