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When using the battery you must have a jack in the in jack socket you won’t get continuity to ground without a jack inserted it works like a switch so your battery doesnt drain, with no jack in it it disconnects ground and with a jack in it ground is connected via the ring

You should get bypass regardless of whether the pedal has power etc double check the bypass with Barry’s continuity diagram

It’s hard to see the ring connection etc, an easy way to make sure you’re using the correct solder lug is to put a jack in it and follow it round

If all your connections have continuity and the 3PDT is good you could have the ring and tip mixed up as you can see below the tip connects to your jack tip and the ring to it’s sleeve / ground

It looks OK but not all jack sockets are made the same


When the switch is in bypass mode also check you have continuity on 3PDT lugs 3 and 9

The small ‘T’ stands for tip (see this <span style=”color: #ff6600;”>GUIDE</span>) from the Guides Page.