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I am leaving today but I will answer questions and share a things I see.

  1. You cannot measure resistors (in circuit) because they are affected by the rest of the circuit.
  2. The transistors look okay but giving us proper voltage readings will help verify.
  3. You placed the electrolytic capacitors in correctly (see Crash Course Guide)
  4. Since changing the LED to the Main Board you MUST connect the LED to the Foot Switch using S4, S5 S6 so the Main Board knows when you turn the foot switch on or off. (see Image below)
  5. The foot switch will work turned upside down as long as it is wired correctly. You must visually verify path using chart in previous post. (Test for continuity see image below)
  6. I cannot visually conform all of your wiring. It is very hard on a computer screen.
  7. Tell us if the circuit works in bypass mode? If it works in bypass that is good!

The Poteniometers are now mounted correctly.

The important thing I see there is you need something non-conductive between the back of the potis and the solder side of the board or the circuit can short out. We use Pot Condoms from the SHOP but anything non-conductive will work placed in between. Some people use little felt circles or cover the potis backside with electric tape.


See images below to help with items 1-7 above:


Test continuity using your DMM Digital Multi Meter in continuity mode (Google if needed). You should here a beep at every junction. This image can be found in the Crash Course from the Guides Page.

Note this diagram is not 100% the same as yours since it shows star grounding method however it does help you to see very important connections to test for continuity.


In regards to hair pulling: Please remember this Hobby is difficult and requires a lot of study if you compare to other hobbies like model building etc.. so because of that it is more rewarding when you figure it all out. I have friends who tried this and decided they did not like it because it was very hard to do. A person must have aptitude, study time and patience for both electronics and troubleshooting equally in this hobby.

Also we help as best we can over a computer which is very to do hard as well. We do try. Also I deleted some of the old posts so if other people are looking they will not get confused with old pictures.

I suggest reading the Crash Course again. Several of your questions are answered in that guide.

The good news is once you learn everything which takes many of us lots of time and practice all builds are pretty much the same and it gets easier. You have already learned several important things.

I hope that helps.