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Hi !

I ordered my brand new PCB that I mounted from A to Z, being careful to follow the PDF and watching the tutorials and there is still nothing that works, I will tear my hair!

And try to put pictures clearer than before, this time, it is sure that the circuit has nothing (in any case it is not damaged, so I asked myself several questions):

I have a resistance R4 which should be 22k while I measure it at 24k (on circuit).

My two resistors R6 and R7 should be at 10k are 6.66k (circuit).

The transistors Q1 and Q2 that I put in their socket, I shortened them a little, can that have an impact?

My capacitors C3 and C4 are they in the right direction (there was a small + on the PCB and a big – on each condo, so I put them on the opposite).

This time, I placed the LED in D2 on the PCB instead of putting it in D1 on the 3PDT, it still does not work, is there any connection to be made between the two or between S4, S5 and S6?

Finally, the switch soldered on the 3PDT can also weld by turning 180 degrees, I wonder if there is a sense because nothing is indicated above …

All this is very complicated so I’m going to put a lot of pictures;)

Link to an album where I gather a max, hoping it works:


Can you check on these photos that I have not mounted anything upside down please?

Thank you !