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hi wilkie, excellent, thanks! and R3 in the duncan is P2 the tone pot and R4 is R13 right?

hi Barry, the schematic for the mod is nowhere to be found, i don’t think they’re giving it out. i’ve opened up the pedal and it’s not visible without completely unassembling, which i don’t want to do because if it get the one i built to my satifisaction i will sell the ehx/jhs. i could visibly see the gate mod and did that. although it doesn’t totally work exactly like the jhs mod it’s to my satisfaction.

i already started experimenting with the duncan tone stack last night but was waiting for confirmation if i’m changing the right C and R’s. now it’s just the question about R4 in the duncan. if it is R13 the change isn’t massive between 1Mohm and 220kohm, although 1M seems to have less loss in dB, but it didn’t seem to influence the frequencies. what i think i will try is changing C1 to 5.6nf and C2 to 10nf, this still leaves a bit of a scoop but in the upper mids around 2-4khz which is good. if i leave in the 25k pot in place of R2 i can dial in the amount of those frequencies i need.