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Hello and welcome,

Pedal building and amps are two different things as you indicated. I understand your question. IMHO, in something as small as a pedal, star grounding or loops don’t matter much. Also consider many builders new to the hobby and need a simple method (like pads) to complete their projects. With that:

We use the circuit board ground plane which contains a good deal of copper as a grounding point as opposed to a jack which could come loose, a problem very common to pedal building and one to avoid among other scenarios I might think of. Likewise our method uses both jacks avoiding a potential stage disaster since there is a backup.

Other benefits are that we can easily wire 2, 3, 5 or 10 circuits inside a single enclosure and I can testify traveling to Colorado seeing the one below. No rats nest, grounding issues or noise to be found.

All of that said since you have your way of doing things we do not discourage it but what we do is offer more than one way of wiring all of our boards together which will suit multiple build styles as opposed to just one way and looking back over the past 10 years of GPCB “not star grounding” in the traditional sense has never been an issue.

The unique T&S wiring scheme that is available on all of our boards was created by Tonmann when we started GuitarPCB and he is a vetted veteran of everything electronics as well as having a lot of practical experience working for some big names back in the 70’s. He also repairs and designs amplifiers.

Read more using this link -> GuitarPCB Tonmann Guide taken from our GUIDES PAGE.

I hope that helps explain our position on wiring.