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Those are very kind words, thank you!

Today I had another play with bias voltages but ended up back at 5.5v as it just sounds HUUUUGE!

I’ll have a good look to see what takes my fancy to build next, though I do like the idea of a combo. I have an old V9 NYC Big Muff in a drawer that I chopped to reduce the size of the housing and then fitted a Mooer Green Mile into, wired upstream to give the Muff a kick in the pants. Both can be switched and controlled individually but run off the same supply to keep it simple. I’ll find a photo and will post it once I have the chance.

As I’m running two amps board space is at a premium but in some cases I could do with some different pedals for different amps, so maybe one large combo for each amp might be the way to go….?