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This is going to be quick because I am currently dealing with a weather related crisis. This is my advice which is meant to be helpful and since you are a beginner I am going to list these in order.

  1. Read the other guides thoroughly. All of them. This should take a week at least.
  2. Print all of the items you need to remember while reading.
  3. There are (6) PDF Guides to download. This is how we all learned.
  4. The pots are supposed to be on the backside & use the silkscreen lug number (1)
  5. If you do not mount the pots with correct orientation they will work backwards.
  6. You are supposed to have continuity between the diode pads. See Diodes in Crash Course
  7. The transistors are ruined. You need new ones.
  8. The GUIDES Section has a CONTINUITY CHART for things that are supposed to beep.
  9. Study other peoples builds in the SHOW OFF YOUR PEDAL section and the SLIDESHOW.

That is my best advice and should be what everyone does before building a pedal.

That said after spending a weeks studying everything then I would carefully layout the new board and look it over before soldering anything else. The GUIDES are your best source for an easy build. The good news is you already learned some valuable lessons moving forward.

Here are a few small examples but all of this information is found on the GUIDES PAGES:

This shows proper orientation of the potis.

You must insert the potis with this orientation on the backside of the board where the silkscreen is located for it or it will work backwards. Do not solder potis till you place it in the enclosure holes so you have a perfect fit. Then solder.

Here are some LINKS you must read first from the GUIDES PAGE: Click on them.

The Beginners Build Guide courtesy of Trom1.

The Beginners Guide to Components courtesy of Billy

The Crash Course Guide courtesy of several members.

The GuitarPCB Guide – Tonmann Version

The Combo Build Guide courtesy of Playsforfun.

I will not be available for a while because i have some crisis here to contend with so i really hope that helps. It is all really good advice.