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Sorry for the slow response, here are my numbers:  It’s acting a bit different today.I did put a cloth between the board and case to avoid any grounding problems.

Q1: 2N5485  D=2.697  G=3.442  S=2.702

Q2: MPSA18-J08 C=OL  E=OL  B=2.65 (Number kept moving but settled here)

Q3: MPSA18-J08 C=0  E=2.6 (Number kept moving)  B=0

Q4: MPSA18-J08 C=OL  E=OL  B=OL

Q5: MPSA18-J08  C=0  E=0L  B=0

Q6: MPSA18-J08  C=OL  E=OL  B=0