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That is a very cool looking pedal. I am hoping my paint job satisfies me as much as that one would. I am still trying to figure out how to best label my knobs, since I don’t really have access to inkjet printers for creating water slide decals. Barry should start selling decal sets in his store, I’d purchase some (basic words like VOL, TONE, PRES, etc) just so I didn’t have to go find a buddy with an inkjet.  I’ll probably end up with just sharpie under the clear coat.

Leebob, you may have found your answer elsewhere, but most double pedal combos fit in a 1590BB enclosure without issue. The orientation of the boards can sometimes get challenging, for instance, if you use the PCB-mounted pots, you kinda lock your board into a location relative to the pots, and with some other boards like the order switcher, I wanted to orient it in portrait rather than landscape, but the plugs and jacks I selected wouldn’t allow it, so you just have to get creative and mark everything out before you start drilling holes. Not rocket science, but it takes a little planning.