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When looking for a build guide be sure to go to the Mandatory Guides section of the forum.

Here is the direct link:

Also in the Guides Section you can find the url to the old archived site.

If you forget this just add a “.webs” after the http://www.guitarpcb

Example: guitarpcb.webs.com and it will take you to the old archived site then click on forum and you will find the Layout Gallery. Likewise if you wish to download something you may also be required to add a .webs to the url to avoid getting a url error.

In short for everyone:

The .webs after guitarpcb in the url is what separates the new site from the archived site.

Don’t forget to answer the “GRIT” question this circuit is designed to be what many call “transparent” which is a word I really do not care for as all circuits color the signal or it would be useless but I digress so if you want more “distortion” you may consider an AfterBlaster add-on board and use either J113 or for more distortion sub in a J201.