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Thanks. One end of R17 is soldered into the board at the top R17 connection.  Then the blue wire goes to the switch and the yellow wire goes back into the other socket for R17.  Let me know if this is ok – I thought it was as per the Wilkie mod.  I’m assuming the resistor values don’t change from the material list as I also note the drawing has the same banding on the resistors – but assuming this is for representation only.

I might disconnect and test the clean signal, and then do the reverse with the signal coming through IC2 to see if the the independent signal paths sound ok but then create issues when mixed together at Q5.  Seems odd that using the audio probe I’ve got a good sound before R17 and then also before R18, but then when mixed together before Q5 it drops – like the two paths are interfering and partially cancelling out.

Will also run it from a power supply to make sure that the 8v isn’t creating issues.

Thanks for the help so far.