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We’d need clearer pictures of the mod wiring it’s very difficult to see, the brown wire going to R10 does look a little frayed


The part of the circuit where you describe the problem occurs is the mixing stage

If it happens when switched to phase 90 mode only then I’d check firstly the correct value resistor is being used and that you have good solder connections especially around R17 and R10 to the switch lugs 3 and 4, by what you describe it sounds like Q5 could be mis biasing giving you the distortion and volume changes


R10 is switched out in 45 mode, continuity check your switch lugs in phase 90 position, I’d reflow all the joints on the mod if you haven’t already


With the circuit working correctly aside from when it’s switched to phase 90 mode I’d guess your problem lies there with either a wrong value R10 or a poor solder joint