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Thanks for replying, Barry. Yeah, as long as I don’t go too high on the range knob it sounds really clean and just sings. Nice and thick, but crisp and responsive to pick attack. It’s very dynamic. So yeah, I’m very happy about that.

I was just more or less wondering what exactly I should be hearing when i increase the range knob… should I be hearing a fattened sound or more of a mid and high bump? If it’s supposed to be fattened, the fact that I’m slamming it with active pickups could be part of the reason it doesn’t respond well in the range department. If I don’t see a difference with passive pickups or different amp settings I will have to crack it back open.

I was testing it on it’s own straight into my amp, no other pedals in the chain. Maybe I’ll also try putting it in my normal chain to see how my buffer affects it as well. I can tell you one thing it does NOT play well with others… I did attempt to stack it with a Tube Screamer Mini and both pedals became very angry.

It def looks sharp all dressed up in black and green…