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Testament to your good work and the silliness of software engineers 🙂

I’ll check offboard problems and will let you know if I find anything.

I can check voltages, what voltages should I be seeing across the BS170?

I’ve not done much circuit analysis for circuits with transistors. They are weird, and they throw off the resistance readings across the 10M resistors in the voltage divider. I assume the resistance across those resistor node will read differently due to them being in the circuit than if they were isolated, but I don’t know what I should expect. I thought, despite my care in soldering the transistor, that maybe I might have damaged it, but I would expect no volume to be happening if that were the case. I took great care to solder each one of the legs quickly, and let the component cool for a bit before moving to the next leg, so I don’t think I damaged anything.

I did use what I thought was a fresh battery, but it is the first time I have used this breadboard. I assume that since the bypassed signal was good, that the connections through the breadboard are fine.

I used alpha 16mm pots, but I’ll check them too.