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Thanks folks. I appreciate the feedback and questions.

Wilkie – Keeping the wiring neat and just long enough for routing and still being able to reverse-Tetris the guts out for troubleshooting is a challenge. I rally like avoiding the need to unsolder anything in a build if I have to troubleshoot it and\or do any repairs or mods. Admittedly, it is not easy.

Matt – yes, the FF feeds the Black Dog. The LED daughterboard is just a bit of vero that I cut to the size as shown in the photo to handle the repositioning of the bi-color LEDS beneath the eyes of the dog.

Billy – yes, bi-color LEDS beneath the eyes of the dog on the vero daughterboard.

Barry – in all honesty, it is the leg-up you provide with such great PCB projects on which to build the pedals you inspire. Thanks for the kind words.