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At a glance the first thing I see is it looks like your op amp IC1 is in the wrong way around your dot on it indicates pin 1


Just turn it around so the dot is at the top left



There is a possiblity its now fried and even if that was your initial fault you should still get bypass signal so I suspect you have one or more dry solder joints going from the pcb IN and OUT pads and / or thier grounds to the 3PDT switch lugs and from the 3PDT switch to the jack tip and ground lugs


Bypass connects your IN jack straight to your OUT jack via the 3pdt to your amp so you’ve probably got a dry solder joint or short circuit on your jacks or 3pdt or your jumper connecting pins 3 and 9 although difficult to see it looks like your jumper connection to pin 3 isn’t good