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OK so the silkscreen is correct per the BC549C which are the stock transistors but as I see we recently changed it to the 2N5088 which are very much more available at more places so while I remembered to add an asterisk I see I forgot to add a note to the Build Doc regarding the transistor change when I ran out of stock transistors. By the way I had stock transistors for over a year and only ran out when I switched site hosts which was very unfortunate timing.

Sorry for the confusion. This was a tricky one as most want to use stock so that is what we went with for a stock build at the time but unfortunately it is harder to get them now. I will adjust the document to the orientation.

OK I do now see that I did add a note:

“The original used BC549’s however *2N5088’s are much more readily available and sound fantastic. Feel
free to try similar types that suit your taste. Be sure to verify the pinout, which is yet another good reason
to socket first.”
I do agree it needs to be much more specific so I will fix that. Again sorry for any inconvenience.