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We used to have a bit more interaction at the old site host. Unfortunately the old host (WEBS) was not keeping up to date with the times and as a result security was becoming an issue and then finally PayPal released an update that said if your Host does not meet these standards you have two months to figure it out.

Well needless to say I spent every waking moment of two months rebuilding this site from scratch. You may think I could have used an FTP protocol but according to (WEBS) there was none as they had a proprietary system so using an FTP protocol to transfer information was not an option.

The final result after a panic riddled two months is this brand new site with up to date security, features and a much more intuitive search feature when looking for SHOP items or Forum searches.

The only thing I am missing about the old site since last August is the audience participation.

I am hoping with time that will start to happen again here. We had a lot of great conversations before and i look forward to more in the future right here. Thanks for your thoughtful post Cybercow.