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Yup- that’s about what I was thinking- thanks Barry. I built the MoRC a loooong time ago when I got it in the Gilmour bundle! I have the 3XC and its too meaty. (I have a second one that I’m reserving for a bass player friend.) I don’t have a BB so perhaps that will go on my next order. I’ll finish up this S3 I’ve had kicking around for a while and see how it does with the verb and maybe put the MKC in with it to see if perhaps another one needs to come home with me. I’ll have to look at my notes when I get home to see how I finished that particular build- I remember I didn’t put a switch in for the Ultra Drive, but I can’t remember if that’s because I just goosed it and left it there or if I decided I liked it a bit tamer… As always, thanks for your input. I’ll let you know when I have this one wrapped up. I currently have four and a half projects on a shelf in my new shop in a few stages of completion…