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Thanks for the replies. I work in IS, so I know the importance of complete information.😄To clarify, the production pedal I’m comparing with is a three transistor version of the circuit without the recovery gain/boost stage. I tried bypassing the boost stage in my build, running a jumper from lug 2 of the volume straight to the out, but that was even worse. I validated that all parts are correctly placed, used a fresh 9v source, and rebiased Q4 to 5.5v. There was a slight improvement. Using 9v, the values on the other three transistors changed a little (Gv on Q4 still 0v), but were still in proportion to the original values. Here is the mpf102 

I sourced my parts from Mammoth, not that that means they don’t get duds too, so you be the judge. It is with a heavy sigh that I will resign myself to reflowing my joints with fingers crossed.