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I actually do not think you have to be a “good player” per say but doing a quality sound demo is important.
While there are many ways to do a demo and believe me I have received plenty of criticism over 9+ years the biggest mistake I see IMHO is too many people room micing or using inferior mics especially when they cannot turn the volume to an appropriate level. You end up hearing the guitar pick hitting the strings while broadcasting an inferior version of the room sound.

That said you can get a Shure SM57 used on eBay or any one of its “workalikes” for $20ish.
Then close mic the speaker to prevent hearing ambient room sounds and a plastic pick hitting the strings. Remember the “garbage in, garbage out” philosophy.

You can simply strum very accurate 3 related chords like G, C & D repeatedly while turning a few knobs. You can then add some simple riffs which may consist of 3-5 notes. I personally find more inspiration while playing to a backing track that I create myself using Sony Acid Pro which you can get on Humble Bundle from time to time for like $15 plus a lot of Loops and other software. The loops are recorded live instruments that you simply drop and drag onto a timeline. Then open a new track below it and Drag & Drop another instrument till you get something you like. Very easy and Pro sounding once you get the hang of it.

The obvious alternative to creating a backing track is to just download one. I use “This Site” so that once I purchase a track I can then edit for whatever backing instrumentation I desire as many different ways or times as I like or even change the pitch. (Nice feature)

Once I have a backing track I like I may record one guitar and stop or layer multiple guitars to show off other features. I will usually play for 10 minutes or more and then pick the best 1:30 of it for the video demo. I noticed using analytics that for most demos people only have the attention span for that long on average. Once I have my song ready I grab a few fun background videos (sometimes blending them in and out) and use Cyberlink Power Director (also available from Humble Bundle) from time to time for an amazing price. Cyberlink is a bit higher of a learning curve but you can drag and drop your audio into it and do the same with any video backgrounds. You can then finish it all up with some Text to get your point across without worrying about poor voice audio. Finally nobody has to look at me (which suits me) while I am playing.

After years of experimenting that is my process for the last 2+ years.
Obviously you do not need to do everything I said but even if a few parts help then that is good.

I hope that helps.