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Scott Preston

Barry, my issue isn’t sound level, it is knowing what to play and how best to demonstrate the pedal.  I tend to play the same things when I test all my pedals.  You do a great job of demonstrating the strengths of a pedal because:

A) you know the pedals well
B) you play guitar well

I’m learning how the different pedals work as I use them and I’m learning guitar as I test pedals.  For the first year of pedal building I used to joke about how they all sound the same.  Well, really the joke was on me.  They all sounded the same because I was playing them all the same.  I tend to like really clean sounds with just a little distortion to warm up the sound.  So I’d build a rat deluxe pedal and then try to set it up to have just a touch of distortion (which is possible), or I’d build a plexi-plus (love that pedal) and dial in a touch of distortion (which sounds good).  That approach along with limited playing skills tends to make every pedal sound the same.  I took some time off from building to actually play with the pedals I have and to use them in different combinations.  That has also help educate my ears to the differences.  Anyway, I need to step up and figure out how to demo.

We could do this another way, you could send me dry signal of you playing “Gilmour” style parts and I could reamp them into the pedals and record the output and send the output back to you.