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Showing some love for Hanks beautiful Ancestral Apparition build which mixes Reverb with a small amount of Delay for an exquisite mix!

This is also a great example of how to wire the 3PDT Wiring board first before installation so it can be trimmed to perfection once installed over the switch.

Also note that when assembled in this symmetrical fashion due to the design of the board and Hanks careful wiring it keeps all Power wiring away from the Audio Path wiring for a less noisy circuit. This is something everyone should consider as there are many wiring board scenarios where they run the audio path wire in a tight parallel with power wiring which will only introduce noise especially in higher gain circuits. We go through careful planning to design every main circuit board to eliminate any threat of noise and we certainly would not want to ruin it with a poor 3PDT design.

Excellent work Hank!