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I’m TOTALLY confused here…my SW2 kill switch is wired EXACTLY like the diagram on the website shows…I even used 3 YELLOW wires as shown in the web diagram (not 2 green wires, a red and a black wire as you talk about above). AND…All 3 yellow wires are connected to the appropriate lugs on SW2 per the diagram (and schematic) AND I verified that the switch is not faulty. SW1 Speed switch is wired EXACTLY like the diagram with the 2 green wires AND it works properly..I can see the LED flash rate change when i engage SW1. You are telling me that SW2 is incorrect with green wires when my green wires are going to SW1 <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>NOT</span> SW2. NOTE: Both of those switches are DPDT with one side of the switch used to switch the circuit and the other side to switch the LEDs on and off (which is completely irrelevant to the base circuit). Switching the red wire on the SW1 makes zero sense…that red wire is the positive power source for the switch LED which is NOT in the schematic. The other side of both of those switches are EXACTLY wired as the initial diagram (without the LEDs). The above makes zero sense…Also, I was asked to measure Q1 and Q2 voltages when there are NO discreet transistors in this circuit..what should I have measured??? Please provide me with more accurate information. Thank you