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Below are pics. Let me know if you need any other details.

The voltages observed are as follows:

IC1- pin1- 6.48V    pin2- 6.48V    pin3- 6.4V    pin4- 0V    pin5- 6.5V    pin6- 6.25V    pin7- 6.5V    pin8- 13V

IC2- pin1- 6.48V    pin2- 6.0V    pin3- 6.0V    pin4- 0V    pin5- 5.5V    pin6- 6.0V    pin7- 6.0V    pin8- 13V

NSL32 opto coupler- anode- 6.0V    cathode- 3.0V    cell(1)- 6.45V    cell(2)- 6.4V

I believe that the letter “Q” is reserved for transistors and this circuit does not have any discreet transistors in it. Was that a typo? If so, what are the other 2 voltages I should report?