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You always have access to the old forum.

It is separated by a .webs

If you go to the Guides Page – The link to the old site can be accessed there or on the Home Page see the Big Green Button then you will always have The Link ready or perhaps just bookmark it.

In this case you just need to go to the Forum/Layout Gallery on the old site and manually search through the 5 pages of threads for the EA Tremolo. If you use the directory it will not work unless you add a .webs after guitarpcb.com and manually correct the url.

For example the address will default it will default to guitarpcb.com/whatever and you will get an error page. All you have to do is add a .webs to that. So instead it would be guitarpcb.webs.com/whatever and it will correct so the download will work. That goes for any old build documents or perhaps there are some other pictures or audio files that are hosted on the old site that may give an error page. That is the simple fix.