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Cheers, the block diagram is super useful.

As far as the BIAS goes, I was just looking for a confirmation that it only sweeps when Sens is at zero, and doesnt sweep at any other Sens value. It specifcally states it does sweep at Sens zero, but not specifically when Sens is not zero, if you get what I mean.

If true its just a very easy way to check if a change Ive made is actually making the Sens knob works, as BIAS currently sweeps at any SENS position.

Ive spent a long time probing this board now, and ive identified more than one pad not attached to a trace, power rail or ground plane that should be. Ive made 5 jumpers already and have to assume that any pad could be suspect. Ill keep tinkering with when i have time though for my own education, im learning a lot about pedal craft here.

Imn using a cheap multimeter, sounds like its  time to save for a more accurate one. Having it top out at 2m has been fine for synths but it seems pedals commonly have values far above 2m..

Thanks again for the prompt support, its much appreciated.