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Now a recommendation question…..

I got the unit boxed up and it still works!!  So great success.  Now I have to figure out how people design and print their cool graphics.  One-step at a time though.

But the recommendation I want is this…. if I wanted to change the value of a few of the pots, which direction should I go?  For example the gain pot.  It is a B1M.  I feel like as a B pot, a 1/4 knob turn, and the gain is all the way up.  I would like a smoother approach to 100%.  Even the tone pots don’t give me the increase/decrease I like.  So the question is…. what directions would you go with if you wanted to experiment with different pots for different results?  Different B value, change it to an A1M, or down to an A500 or A250?  Just looking for ideas from the pros.

Thanks as always!