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So here is what I have done over the last few days.  Picture at the bottom…. I pulled ALL the wires off of the board and 3PDT board because they were very short and I thought it would help to make new wires.  So I made ALL new wires that were 5 inches each with new solid core wire.  No change at all.  I then decide to remove the 3PDT board and take a separate switch I had and wire it directly in to see if possibly the 3PDT board was a problem.  Again no change.  I get clean guitar sound in bypass mode, but when I hit the switch I get nothing.  If I mess with things long enough I can get a “sound” of the engaged side.  But nothing usable.

So I dug out an old audio probe that I had from many years ago…. and of course… I broke it.   I am going to order another female plug so I can make another one.  But for now, I have to wait on trying the audio probe for the key part to get here.

And to answer your question… yes this is a kit from pedalpartsandkits.com.

When I made my new wires I verified that I had the correct values for each pot.  I also was able to test each pot.  When I mentioned that I got a “sound” with the switch engaged, I was able to get enough of a noise to turn the pots enough to try to tell if they functioned… and I DID get results out of each pot.  So I feel like the pots are correct.

I got super frustrated the other night until I dealt with the issue I was having with trying to fit 22 gauge wire into the board holds, so I was afraid I had ruined some of the connector holes.  I ordered new 24 gauge wire and things fit much easier now.  Just in case I did screw up the board I went ahead and ordered another Boogie57 PCB from Barry.  It is in pre-shipment with USPS so hopefully, it is here later this week.  So when you look at the board solder joints, I realize they look like crap because I have added and removed them over and over white testing and trying different things, plus other frustrations have left those joints not looking too great and I am aware of those.

So here are two pictures from this weekend.