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ok no luck.  So what I am going to do either tomorrow or Friday night….likely Friday night… I am going to remove all the hookup wires and recreate them with longer versions.  When I had this all plugged into all the pots in the black box, some of the cables were stretched out as far as they can go.  There is a possibility that the wires are bad or broken, so I need to make new longer ones to verify.

2 questions….

#1.  When using Sn60/Pb40 solder, it leaves the small amount of liquid material behind.  I assume that is flux.  How do you clean that off the board?  Just a toothbrush?

#2.  I assume that there is not a way to “test” the board to make sure it is assembled correctly?  Other than checking the Q voltages?  I also assume since we discussed that I need all the pots attached or I would have an open circuit. It is not possible to test the board with ONLY just V+, G, In and Out attached?  I just was trying to understand if there was a way to verify that I had the board correct and my issues were something else.