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brako – if you recall from my original post, I did not select any single specific model build from the BOM that came with the Muff’N PCB. Rather, I selected (calculated) averages of specifically selected resistors and capacitors, I wanted in my build to swing more towards the middle of the ranges for each particular resistor and capacitor pairing and was constantly referring back-and-forth between the original schematic, the BOM and all the other schematics I could find and print for the various versions of the Muff that are out there. I relied heavily upon the analysis article from ElectroSmash ( https://www.electrosmash.com/big-muff-pi-analysis ) to get a better understanding of how each section functioned and what each section was designed to do.

If you want to build two distinct BMPs, each with the ability to mimic the range of BMP variants you’ve listed, you will need to analyze those variants for each of your builds and determine (calculate) the slight changes you will need to achieve those variants in each your builds. It is a lot of work and time involved in the analysis of each group of BMP variants, but it is doable if you proceed with organization and methodology.

In your shoes, I would take the list of components from the Muff’N BOM for the Green\Black Russian, Violet Ram and the Civil War and compare their respective resistor\cap value differences. There are only a small number of resistor and cap value changes between them.

For the Foxy Lady, Creamy Dreamer, Ram’s Head and Triangle combo, you will need to do the same thing, but in those individual builds, you will note that there are some fairly significant value changes between certain resistors and caps.

So in my estimation, if you want four genuinely distinct builds in each of your two builds, you may need to derive a means of creatively combining more switches, or maybe even a larger pole & throw count multi-switch to make it easier to go back and forth between the individual builds within each or your enclosures.

Remember, I used “averaging” across all 10 builds from the BOM and during my initial testing, I could not distinguish ANY difference between certain of the BMP variants because the component value changes were so small – which is why I went with “averaging” certain component values rather than trying to use exact\distinct values to switch between.

I hope I have been clear in my explanation. When you start your build(s) and have questions regarding it\them, please start a new thread in the Support section of the forum. Good luck!