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Continuity check all your IN connections to ground make sure nothing’s shorting, there’s no wires touching or shorting on the enclosure

Check that only one side of R20 has continuity to ground

Also check your 3PDT switch continuity in effects mode top row with middle common row

The way you’ve explained your probing you may well have found your problem but with you getting audio initially at IC1 would mean audio was getting into the circuit of course with you testing and moving the circuit it may have developed another fault

Bypass signal just goes from the in jack via the switch to the out jack and not through the circuit so that tells us your jacks are wired correctly but doesn’t tell us your guitar signal is going into the circuit if you don’t get audio on the in T pad then it’s not going into the circuit


I tried setting up my probe with audio to the input

It did work on a confirmed working fzzz  bxxx when I probed the IN pad it was a lot louder and fuzzier than the out pad but I did get audio

So there you go Colin weird but it works!

Here’s the link to Tonmanns guide