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Colin Blakely

Just to be clear- based on the way I was using the probe, I now feel confident that everything between R21 and the pedal output (including the TL092 chip now that I replaced it) is working well. All is in reverse because of the way I was using the probe (I was verifying probe to output on the circuit instead of input to probe). I just double checked, and there is continuity between my input pad and the ground, so I know that is a problem, and in fact means I won’t be able to get any signal out if I use the probe in its intended way  (since my very first point in the audio path contains the issue). I know that the ground is happening somewhere between the input pad and R21 (or maybe somewhere between the switch and the board, though the pedal works fine in bypass mode).

I’m not entirely sure I’m communicating clearly what I am observing, so thanks for bearing with me!