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Normal set up would be to have your probe connected to out, so ground one side then plug your out cable into your amp and the other end to your probe then it’s just a case of following the audio path with the probe end

Audio in as normal to in jack with whatever you’re using phone, guitar, mp3 etc I use a looper pedal just continually playing a loop, so I’ve got 2 free hands

Obviously making sure it’s in effects mode I’ve done that more than once not switched it on only realising a few head scratches later

With you getting output at IC1 initially that would indicate everything before it was ok

Now that you have correct voltages probe pins 1 and 7 IC1 to see if you get audio

If you think audio goes from in pad straight to ground just continuity check your in pad to ground to check it

At this point I wouldn’t worry about resistance readings the initial resistance readings were just a process of elimination because your VR voltage was 6.5v

So we basically check from VR and up to IC1 to make sure everything’s correct value wise etc for example we can see on the schematic from VR to pin 3 we should have 220K resistance (R19) you can see from pin 1 going back to pin 2 we should have 510K (R16)

So you’re checking everything before you condemn anything in this case IC1 eventually

When I get home I’ll link you to Tonmanns guide on checking op amp circuits