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Ok… I reconnected the off-board wiring.  Same result.  Sound in bypass mode, no sound engaged.

The enclosure you see here is a 3d printed box that I made as a test enclosure to hold everything in a bigger space that would give me room to test everything before putting it in a smaller metal enclosure.

I also know I technically have the LED wired upside down.  Because of the way the 3d printed box is laid out, if I want to see the LED I have to put it in upside down.  It works, just the colors are flipped.

The potentiometers are not hooked up.  Just sitting in holes in the box.  I can add those next if that is my next step.  I just thought I should at least get sound of some kind at this point.

Hopefully, the two different photos take the glare out from the phone photos.